Retirement Benefits

Americans Average Just 31% on Retirement Income Literacy. Are You Ready for Retirement?

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Don’t wait to enroll in a CalPERS member education class and take charge of your retirement planning.

We get it. Retirement might seem far away, but the sooner you start learning the better. Americans scored just 31% on their overall retirement income literacy, according to a recent study from the American College of Financial Services. Retirement literacy includes the understanding and application of financial strategies specific to your retirement and can cover such topics as savings, taxes, and income.

We’re here to help navigate retirement literacy. Whether you’re new to CalPERS, close to retirement, or somewhere in between, we have a variety of instructor-led or self-paced, online classes that speak to exactly where you’re at in your career. Through these classes, we can help you:

  1. Get to Know Your CalPERS Benefits
  2. For members who are new or midway through their career, it’s critical to understand:

    • How your retirement benefit is calculated,
    • Ways to boost your retirement savings, and
    • What happens if you pass away or leave your employer before you retire.

    Learn this and more by signing up for the Your CalPERS and You class.

  3. Prepare for What’s Next
  4. If you’re within 10 years of retirement, our Planning Your Retirement class is your go-to. Get familiar with payment options, everything you can do in myCalPERS, and much more.

  5. Handle Retirement Like a Pro
  6. Our Your Retirement Application and Beyond class guides you through the retirement application process. Get tips on your retirement check, direct deposit info, taxes, and even keeping your health benefits into retirement.

  7. Learn About Disability Retirement
  8. Find out if you’re eligible, how to apply, and why having a power of attorney form filed with CalPERS is a must-have in our Completing Your Disability Retirement Application online class.

  9. Maximize Your Benefits
  10. Benefit Basics walks you through all things related to CalPERS benefits. Enrolling in this virtual, instructor-led class will provide a comprehensive overview of the perks of your CalPERS membership and the choices you have to maximize your retirement security.

Ready to Enroll?

Log in to myCalPERS and select the Education tab. Sort by instructor-led classes offered either in-person or virtually, or select an online class for on-demand courses you can take at your own pace. We work hard to provide classes tailored to our member needs, so stay tuned for updates on new class offerings.

Have Questions After Taking a Class?

No problem. Select the Appointment tab in myCalPERS and book some one-on-one time with a specialist.