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We’ve Updated Our Website — Here’s What to Know

Young mothers with baby girl in living room. One woman using laptop for work or online shopping.

We’re always looking to improve how we present information in the simplest way for you, our members. With that in mind, the CalPERS website will have a new look and feel beginning April 17.

Why the Change?

Our User Experience team worked diligently with members and stakeholders to better understand why people visit our website so we can improve how and where information and resources are presented.

Some of the areas we have targeted for improvement include:

  • Homepage – We want to show you where to begin and encourage discovery of new information and resources.
  • Navigation – We want to guide you during your journey on our website.
  • Customer journey – We want to help you find the top tasks that members search for.
  • myCalPERS login – We want to make the login button easier to find.
  • Information – We want to reduce or remove complexity by using more plain language.

What to Expect

On April 17, you’ll see the first phase of these efforts come to fruition. Expect to find:

  • Various design changes, including font, images, video sizes, and more.
  • Swapping of location of the myCalPERS login button with the search bar.
  • Removal of Investments, Newsroom, and Blog from the top navigation area.
  • Relocation of Investments into the main navigation area.
  • Addition of icon navigation bar for top tasks.

More to Come

We’re working on additional changes expected to arrive later this year. Stay tuned for information on how else we’re improving our website.