Health Benefits

Verify Your Open Enrollment Changes

Health Plan Changes Are Effective January 1

Did you make any of the following changes during Open Enrollment?

  • Changed your health plan
  • Changed your dental and/or vision benefits
  • Enrolled for the first time
  • Added or deleted dependents

If so, make sure to carefully review your January paycheck or pay warrant to verify that the premiums are accurate and being paid to the proper plan.

What if your January pay warrant does not reflect your new health, dental, or vision plan’s premium payment?

The payment will be adjusted during the next pay period. If your changes are still not reflected on your next pay warrant, contact your employer’s health benefits officer or personnel office. Retirees in CalPERS Health Benefits Program should contact CalPERS directly.

What if you changed health plans during Open Enrollment and have not received an identification card from your new health plan?

Contact your new health plan. And, if your new health plan changes your prescription drug benefit services, you may need a separate pharmacy benefit manager identification card. If you didn’t receive one, contact your plan.

You should also contact your new health plan for assistance if you need care or prescription medication before your new identification card arrives. Do not use your previous health plan services.

For more information about your CalPERS health benefits coverage, contact your plan, visit the Plans & Rates page on the CalPERS website, or log in to your myCalPERS account.