Health Benefits

Spotlight on Kaiser Permanente Health Plan

In a series of discussions this year, leadership from each of our health plans share their work to deliver affordable, high-quality, equitable health care to our members. These spotlights give our board, stakeholders, and members the opportunity to learn more about each of the plans and how their offerings meet the needs our members.

Greg Adams, CEO of Kaiser Permanente, kicked off the spotlight series in February discussing Kaiser’s integrated care model, the decision about their rate increase in 2024, and the work they are doing to serve our members (PDF) and the communities they reach.

Opening the conversation, Adams observed, “I know that our mutual goals are about quality, affordability, access, and improving the health of the CalPERS population and for us the health of our communities, and we’re hugely committed to equity, as I know you are.”

On the above average rate increase for 2024, Adams said, “We spent a lot of time trying to understand where health care was post-pandemic, and where it is going. We had to deal with how do we stabilize our organization, and how do we get back to our long-term commitment to affordability and our long-term single, low, or middle-digit rate increase…. So we made the decision real time, had an increase that was higher than we’ve had historically. And we’re on a path in 2025 to get back to that single digit increase.”

Learn more from Kaiser about the rate increase, behavioral health, and their perspective on the health care delivery system post pandemic, by viewing the discussion on our YouTube channel.