Retirement Benefits

How Do I Sign Up for Direct Deposit?

Receive your CalPERS benefit payments automatically to your bank account each month with direct deposit.

Out of town or just too busy to make it to the bank? No problem. Receive your CalPERS benefit payments automatically with direct deposit. Get access to your funds right on schedule, and never worry about lost, stolen, or delayed checks.

Enrolling Is Easy

You can sign up at any time.

To enroll online, log in to myCalPERS, go to the Retirement tab, and select Payment Options.

To enroll by mail, complete the Direct Deposit Authorization (PDF). Payments are then securely deposited into your account, typically on the first day of each month. Once we receive your form, we’ll send you a confirmation letter. If there’s a problem with your form, we’ll return it within approximately two weeks along with a letter explaining what we need.

Important note: The State Controller’s Office isn’t printing and mailing statements for payees who are enrolled in direct deposit. If you need to view or print statements, log in to your myCalPERS account, select the Statements tab, then choose the statement you want to view, or select All Statements for an overview.

Need to Make Changes?

If you’re changing financial institutions or transferring your direct deposit to another account within the same bank, you can do that online, or by mail using the same instructions as above. If possible, keep your current bank account open until you receive our letter confirming the date that we’ll deposit your next benefit payment to the new account.

If you want to stop your direct deposit, contact us online, by mail, or call us at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).

Sign Up Today

Getting paid should be easy, so sign up for direct deposit today. Visit Direct Deposit to learn more.