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Do You Know Your CalPERS ID?

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We’re committed to protecting your confidential member information. One step we’ve taken is to assign each CalPERS member a unique 10-digit identifier, which we refer to as the CalPERS Identification Number, or CalPERS ID.

Use your CalPERS ID as an alternative to your Social Security number when conducting any CalPERS business. For example, you can use it to identify yourself when registering for myCalPERS or when calling our CalPERS Customer Contact Center. You can also use it when completing CalPERS forms and business transactions.

In fact, we encourage members to note their CalPERS ID on all correspondence with CalPERS. For example, whether you submit a letter or copy of a marriage certificate, simply write your CalPERS ID at the top of the page.

Your CalPERS ID will stay with you as your working status changes. Whether you retire or switch to another employer, your CalPERS ID will always remain the same.

What’s Your Number?

If you don’t know your CalPERS ID, here are a few ways to find it:

  • Log in to myCalPERS, select Find Your CalPERS ID in the Your Account tile under More Information.
  • Refer to any official correspondence from CalPERS, such as your Annual Member Statement.
  • Speak with us by calling 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377) or TTY (877) 249-7442.

We care about the privacy of our members, and using a CalPERS ID number is just one way we protect your personal information. Be sure to read our Cybersecurity Best Practices to learn more tips to help you stay safe online.