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By The Numbers: Health Benefits Program Annual Report

Health Benefits Program 2022 Annual Report Cover Image

Each year we release our CalPERS Health Benefits Program Annual Report, which provides an in-depth review of our health benefits program for the prior year.


Did you know that in 2022:

  • We paid $10.6 billion to our health plans to provide care for members.
  • We covered 1,532,749 million members through our health program.
  • We contracted with 1,172 public agencies and schools to offer health care to their active employees, retirees, and their eligible dependents.
  • We experienced an overall premium increase of 4.86% for our Basic and Medicare health plans.
  • Our health plans’ actuarial values ranged from 88% to 99%. This is the percentage of total health care costs for covered benefits that a plan will cover. Our HMO plans had an actuarial value of 98% or higher, while our PPO plans ranged from 88% to 99%.
  • Our members paid, on average, $309 out-of-pocket for medical services and prescription drugs.

The Health Benefits Program Annual Report (PDF) provides more information on our strategic plan and a description of our health benefits program’s business plan initiatives.

You’ll also learn about state and federal benefit requirements related to our health benefits program, actuarial values, and metal tier ratings for our Basic health plans, the prevalence of chronic conditions in our membership, and member satisfaction rating results from our annual Health Plan Member Survey.

The report also provides health plan and financial information, which includes historic enrollment and expenditure data, trend factors that drive health plan premiums, medical trends for our Basic health plans, average out-of-pocket costs by health plan for Basic and Medicare members, and administrative expenditures for the program.

To explore this or prior years’ reports, visit our Forms & Publications webpage and filter by Interested Parties and Health.