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24 Years of Educating Employers to Better Serve You

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From the day you start your public service career through retirement, a dedicated team works quietly behind the scenes to ensure your CalPERS benefits are managed correctly. To do this important job, they must have a thorough understanding of the complex rules and regulations governing your benefits.

That’s why we host the annual CalPERS Educational Forum — to support the state, school, and public agencies that contract with CalPERS so they can effectively administer their employees’ pension and health benefits. For 24 years, we’ve come together to learn, connect, and provide information to better serve you — our CalPERS members.

The event draws over 900 attendees, representing organizations from throughout the state that play pivotal roles in maintaining public services, educating our youth, managing local governments, and ensuring public safety.

CalPERS Educational Forum 2023 Panel

How the Forum Benefits You

When employers are well-informed, it’s good news for you.

The forum is central to our commitment to make sure the agencies we work with understand all aspects of CalPERS. We want to provide them with the knowledge and tools they need to deliver the pension and health benefits promised to you.

This helps ensure that:

  • You’re correctly enrolled as a CalPERS member right from the start.
  • Your paychecks are calculated and reported accurately throughout your career.
  • Your retirement is calculated precisely when the time comes.
  • Your human resources department knows our health plans and the rules for enrolling dependents.
  • Your finance department has the tools to plan for their Required Employer Contribution payments.

These are just a few examples — the forum’s education is so comprehensive that it spans three days, offering educational sessions, an exhibit hall with experts on just about every CalPERS topic imaginable, and personalized consultations.

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Here’s What Attendees Had to Say

  • “I learned a lot for both my personal retirement plans and my agency.”
  • “This is my first time attending the educational forum, and I thoroughly enjoyed the topics, speakers, and their ability to answer questions. Such a wealth of resources.”
  • “This was one of the best events I’ve attended in a while. After nine years in payroll, I’ve learned many new things.”
  • “Although I have been working with the school district for almost 10 years, there were a lot of topics that are very useful and will help me and my team make better decisions for our employees.”
  • “Not only did I learn tips and tricks, but also critical time-saving processes.”

The 25th Annual CalPERS Educational Forum Takes Place Next Fall in San Diego

Dates and details will be available next spring. Be sure to bookmark the CalPERS Educational Forum webpage for updates and announcements. We look forward to another successful event and continuing to provide invaluable education to those who ensure the accurate and efficient management of your CalPERS benefits.