Retirement Benefits

15 Fantastic Features of myCalPERS

Your personal myCalPERS account goes far beyond showing your CalPERS account summary and health benefits. The next time you log in to check your contribution balance or years of service credit, take time to explore all the available features.

1. Ask Us a Question

Instead of calling us during business hours, send us a secure message through your myCalPERS account whenever you want.

Tip: When you log in on your desktop, select the Messages link on the top right next to the envelope icon. And from your mobile device, select Messages from the drop-down Menu.

2. Sign Up for Education Classes

We offer several instructor-led and online classes to help you prepare for retirement.

Tip: To view class details and upcoming dates and times, select the Education tab, then select Classes.

3. Schedule a Virtual or Phone Appointment

If you still have questions after taking a class, you can schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

Tip: Select the Education tab, then select Appointments.

4. Purchase Service Credit

You can request service credit cost information, track the status of your request, elect to purchase, and pay for your service credit purchase, all paperless within your myCalPERS account.

Tip: To learn more, select the Retirement tab, then select Service Credit Purchase.

5. Calculate Your Retirement Estimate

Plan your future by estimating your retirement with the latest data we have on file. You can create and save multiple estimates to get an idea of what your lifetime benefit might be.

Tip: To get started or find your saved estimates, select the Retirement tab, then select Retirement Estimate Calculator.

6. Request an Estimate Letter

If you are within one year of retirement, you don’t need to submit a paper form to request a more accurate estimate of your potential benefit amount.

Tip: Open one of your saved estimates, and select the Start Estimate Letter Request button.

7. View Your Statements

View, print, and save PDF files of current and past statements, including annual member statements, health plan statements, retirement benefit statements, and tax statements.

Tip: Select the Statements tab, then choose the statement you want to view or select All Statements for an overview.

8. Request Account Information

Submit a request for us to send a letter to a third party on your behalf, for example, a verification of deposit letter to a bank for a loan application.

Tip: Select the Statements tab, then select Request a Document.

9. Make a Payment

Log in to make one-time or recurring payments and view your payment history for service credit payments, overpayments, and more.

Tip: Select the My Account tab, then select Make a Payment.

10. View and Download Publications

We offer many informative publications that you view online, or you may download PDF versions.

Tip: Select the Education tab, then select Publications.

11. Update Your Beneficiary

Instead of mailing us a paper form, log in to choose, review, or change your beneficiaries.

Tip: Select the Retirement tab, then select Beneficiaries.

12. Apply for Service Retirement

Most of our members now choose the convenience of applying for retirement online. Many of your details are pre-populated, and myCalPERS walks you through the steps. You can also save your application and come back to it later.

Tip: If you have reached retirement age, go to the Retirement tab and select Apply for Retirement to start your application.

13. Sign Up for Direct Deposit

We offer direct deposit to ensure retirees’ monthly benefit payments are securely deposited at their bank.

Tip: To sign up for direct deposit or change your direct deposit to a new bank or account, go to the Retirement tab and select Payment Options.

14. Change Your Tax Withholdings

Retirees can also log in to update federal or California state tax withholding amounts.

Tip: Select the Retirement tab, then select Tax Withholding. From there, select either Change Your Federal Withholding or Change Your State Withholding.

15. Access All Your Health Plan Information

If you are enrolled in CalPERS health coverage, myCalPERS gives you 24/7 access to your current coverage information.

Tip: Select the Health tab to verify dependents, review your health plan summary, and find health plans available in your area. You can also research monthly premiums with the Search Health Plans tool.

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