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12 Side Hustles for Retirees to Earn Extra Income

Whether you’re saving up for something special or just want to keep busy, you can continue to earn income after retirement.

Working in non-CalPERS covered employment won’t affect your CalPERS pension.

Plus, it’s easier than ever to work from home with flexible hours set to your schedule. Set up a desk for some office work or head outdoors and give back to your community.

  1. Tutor: With video conferencing, you can teach anything from painting to long division. Some retirees earn money by teaching English around the world—from the comfort of their living rooms.
  2. Rent: If you have extra space, consider renting out a room to a regular tenant, or list your home on a short-term rental site while you tour the country. You can also rent things around the house, such as tools or sporting equipment.
  3. Share your knowledge: You learned so much during your career. Offer your services on a consulting basis, or write a downloadable e-book full of insight for those in your industry.
  4. Fix it: Refurbish antiques, fix cars, or do handy work in your neighborhood—or offer classes on how to do it. Many young families are still learning these life skills. Hand down your know-how.
  5. Dog walking: Get some fresh air and exercise by hiring out your canine company. Some households might even need overnight pet-sitting.
  6. Translate: Many types of businesses need translation services, from nonprofits to manufacturing to entertainment companies. Put your multilingual skills to use.
  7. Keep records: Got math skills? You can find steady part-time or seasonal work as an office bookkeeper or tax preparer.
  8. Write and edit: If you’ve got things to say, become a blogger and build a warehouse of ideas. One day, people might pay for your writing. Or edit all kinds of projects behind the scenes, from restaurant menus to trade journals.
  9. Sell your wares: Tap into your artistic side by designing and selling arts and crafts via an online marketplace. You might even consider taking custom orders.
  10. Focus groups: Companies pay money for valuable marketing insight. Join a focus group or take surveys to share your opinion on products and services.
  11. Cook: Some households are too busy to prepare regular, healthy meals. Sell your home cooking and pack up the dishes for pickup or delivery.
  12. Garden: Plant a garden and share your surplus produce with the community, whether for sale or donation. Set up a “farm stand” near the sidewalk every week so people know when to drop by.

If you’re thinking of becoming a retired annuitant with a CalPERS employer, there are certain requirements you need to know and follow. It’s important to ensure your retired annuitant appointment complies with the restrictions laid out in the Public Employees’ Retirement Law to avoid potential consequences. Visit our website to learn more.