Retirement Benefits

Check Out CalPERS’ Top 5 Publications Online

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We provide several publications to help you conduct your CalPERS business and plan for your future. All are easily downloadable from our website. Chances are one of our top 5 (or all of them!) can help you out. Here are the most popular:

  • Planning Your Service Retirement (PUB 1) (PDF) walks you through what you need to consider before retiring. It identifies helpful planning resources and details the available retirement options, as well as a checklist of what you’ll need on hand to fill out the retirement application when you’re ready. There’s also a section that anticipates questions you may have as a new retiree.
  • Service Credit Purchase Options (PUB 12) (PDF) explains the several types of service credit purchase, cost methods, and payment options that are available. It outlines the steps needed to request cost information and reminds you to do so at least a year before your retirement date.
  • Service Retirement Election Application (PUB 43) (PDF) helps you complete your service retirement election application, retirement allowance estimate request, and other forms you may need for the retirement application process. You can submit your paper or online application when you are within 120 days from your retirement date.
  • Employment After Retirement (PUB 33) (PDF) covers what you need to know if you are planning to supplement your CalPERS pension by working after retirement. Specific laws govern the type, timing, and amount of work you can accept without affecting your pension. The publication identifies additional requirements and restrictions for disability retirees.
  • Special Power of Attorney (PUB 30) (PDF) explains the importance of designating an attorney-in-fact. The CalPERS Special Power of Attorney is specifically designed for our members to use for CalPERS retirement issues. You may already have a power of attorney set up through another source, but it may not address your CalPERS benefits.

You can find all our member publications in Forms & Publications on our website.