Retirement Benefits

Work-Related Felonies and Benefit Forfeiture

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With the implementation of the Public Employees’ Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA), members, including retirees, who are convicted of a work-related felony must forfeit all service credit and contributions beginning with the date the crime was first committed through their last day worked with the employer. Forfeiture may affect retirement benefits, refunds, service credit purchases, community property cases, and retiree health benefits.

Service credit earned before the date of the crime remains in the member’s or retiree’s account, but he or she can no longer work for a CalPERS-covered employer. If the member has the minimum service credit needed to retire, he or she can still collect a CalPERS pension.

Employers are required by law to notify CalPERS when a member is convicted of a work-related felony. However, anyone can notify us, including prosecuting attorneys, the media, coworkers, and concerned citizens.

You can find more information on the Forfeiture of Benefits Fact Sheet (PDF).

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