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Two New Innovative Health Programs Available to CalPERS Basic PPO Plans

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This is the tenth and final post in this series, “10 Things You Need to Know About CalPERS Health Open Enrollment.”

#10: SpineZone, an online back and neck pain program, and Wisdom, a study to optimize breast cancer screening, will be available to PERS Select, PERS Choice, and PERSCare members.

The Wisdom study is designed to optimize breast cancer detection for women while reducing the unintended consequences of current cancer-screening practices for lower-risk patients. The study is led by clinicians and researchers across the University of California campuses, but any woman age 40-74 with no history of breast cancer, who lives in California, can join regardless of where she receives her care.

SpineZone is a comprehensive nonoperative program to conservatively manage back and neck pain patients. The goal is to empower patients to build their confidence in managing their spinal condition without the need for future injections, surgery, or medications whenever possible, through a combination of coaching and online assessment linked to an in-clinic program.

Get Prepared

Wisdom will be open to members starting November 2018. The SpineZone program begins January 2019.

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