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The CalPERS Educational Forum: Strengthening Partnerships to Serve You Better

The Educational Forum is a key CalPERS outreach event designed to help our employer partners become skilled stewards of your CalPERS pension and health benefit plans.

What Makes the Educational Forum Special?

The answer is simple: It’s about the people we serve.

At CalPERS, we’re proud to serve those who serve California. We understand the importance of working together with our employer partners toward retirement security for all of our members who’ve chosen a career in public service—bringing clean water and electricity to our homes, operating schools that educate our children, providing vital services that keep our cities and counties running, and keeping us safe 24/7—just to name a few.

The Educational Forum is another way we work to deliver on our promise of retirement security. It’s an annual event to help employers learn how to best administer CalPERS benefits to employees like you, our CalPERS members.

Over the course of two information-packed days, this year’s virtual forum featured:

  • Educational sessions, exhibits, and one-on-one consultation opportunities.
  • Spotlight on Excellence Award, a peer-nominated award that shines a light on the outstanding contributions of an exemplary public agency, program, or employee.

What Attendees Are Saying

According to feedback from past events, attendees want to “become a better asset” to their organization. They look forward to “networking with other [offices] and other employers who contribute to CalPERS.” They all agree that the annual Educational Forum is “a great opportunity to get questions answered, share resources, and find out what’s happening with CalPERS.”

As our employers learn and grow in their CalPERS roles, they become stronger stewards of the employee benefit plans they provide.