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State Employees Can Now Make Health Enrollment Changes Through myCalPERS

We’ve launched a new tool that allows state active members to submit many health enrollment changes, along with supporting documentation, online through myCalPERS. This currently excludes non-central state agencies not paid directly by the State Controller’s Office, California State Universities (CSU), public agencies, and schools.

With a qualifying event, state active members can now:

  • Add or remove dependents.
  • Change health plans.
  • Recertify a parent-child relationship.
  • Cancel coverage.

Qualifying events include the birth of a child, marriage or divorce, and other events that can be found on the Eligibility and Enrollment webpage under Special Enrollment Opportunities.

How to Make Changes

This video provides basic instructions on how to make health enrollment changes through your myCalPERS account.

Coming Soon

Beginning June 2022, all active members—including public agencies, schools, state, and non-central state agencies—will be able to submit new enrollments and health enrollment changes online via myCalPERS. This includes during Open Enrollment 2022. CSU members will remain excluded.

Learn More

Learn more about this new feature by visiting Health Enrollment Self-Service for Active Members.

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