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State Active Employee? Try CalHR’s Free Personalized Health Platform

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There is something for every lifestyle and life stage with Healthier U Connections.

Have you heard about Healthier U Connections? Healthier U Connections is an innovative online wellness service just for state active employees. Signing up is easy as 1, 2, 3!

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  1. Visit the CalHR Healthier U Connections website,
  2. Select your department,
  3. Use your state email address, and you’ll receive access to digital platform features proven to inspire healthier habits, healthier minds, and healthier bodies.

What’s in it for you? Here’s a small sampling:

Mindful Meditation

Now is the perfect time to join so you can participate in the “Strong Mind, Strong Body” focus on mindful meditation beginning April 1. This four-week focus will encourage you to take some “me” time and build resilience through meditation. To support you in your meditation journey, you’ll have access to StayWell VR, a groundbreaking app to improve mental health. State employees participating in Healthier U Connections receive premium access to the app for free.

Health and Well-Being Resources at Your Fingertips

You can check out healthy recipes arranged by type of meal that include indicators for special diets. You can view exercise videos for strength, endurance, mobility, and yoga. The exercise videos demonstrate workouts with minimal equipment, so you can do them anytime, anywhere. Are you focused on a goal but need a little guidance? Ask a wellness coach. Need advice from a board-certified physician? Access the “ask a physician” feature.

Wellness Support

We all know we do better when we have support. Healthier U Connections encourages you to create or join teams with supportive coworkers. In the platform, you will be able to connect with members of your department through the community wall to share words of encouragement and recipes, or to arrange events.

Want to know more? Visit the Healthier U Connections About page or view this quick promo video. Still have questions? Contact CalHR.