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Spring 2020 Board Updates

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Board President and Vice President Reelected

At January’s Board of Administration meeting, CalPERS board members voted in their 2020 president and vice president.

Henry Jones, who represents retired members, was elected president for the second consecutive year. He is serving his fourth term on the board and his second term as its president. He has previously served as vice president of the board.

Theresa Taylor, who represents state members, was elected vice president for the third consecutive year. She has been a board member since 2015 and is serving her second term.

Board Welcomes New Member Shawnda Westly

Shawnda Westly was appointed to the State Personnel Board (SPB) by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2018 and was chosen by her peers to serve as SPB’s representative on the CalPERS Board of Administration in February 2020.

Shawnda is the president of Westly Consulting, which focuses on political, policy, and legislative consulting. This is her first one-year term on the CalPERS Board. She replaces Mona Pasquil Rogers.

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