Health Benefits

See How Your Health Plan Rates in Member Satisfaction

Each year, CalPERS health plans are given health plan satisfaction ratings, similar to how restaurants are rated for their food and customer service. Our members tell us about the care and service they received in the previous 12 months, and they rate their experiences and their level of satisfaction with their health plan. New this year, the satisfaction ratings are included in the Search Results while using the Search Health Plans tool to compare health plans in myCalPERS. Comparing these results can help you and your family make informed health plan decisions during Open Enrollment.

For the 2020 plan year, Basic health plan members rated their plans an average of 8.3 out of 10, with 0 being the worst health plan possible and 10 being the best health plan possible. Medicare members awarded their plans an average of 9.1 out of 10. The charts below show the ratings for each health plan.

We also use this information and other survey insights to help our health plans improve their quality measures and member ratings. Next year’s survey will begin in January and if selected, we encourage you to participate.

2020 CalPERS Basic Health Plan Satisfaction Ratings

2020 CalPERS Medicare Health Plan Satisfaction Ratings