Retirement Benefits

Retirees: The Workforce Is Calling

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Learn how to reinstate when you have a job offer you can’t refuse.

What’s involved when you reinstate from retirement? For starters, you cancel your monthly retirement benefit allowanceYou become an active CalPERS member, earning service credit again. 

After you have retired, you may find that your valuable skills are still in demand. You might consider returning to work for a CalPERS employer because of the challenge or you may need extra income.

No matter the reason, if you’re considering permanent full-time or permanent part-time work for a CalPERS employer, you can stop receiving your monthly retirement benefit and reinstate back into active service with a CalPERS employer. However, reinstatement from retirement is very different from working as a retired annuitant for a CalPERS employer.

Working as a Retired Annuitant vs. Reinstatement

Retired annuitants return to work to provide extra help or temporary services for a CalPERS employer on a part-time basis. Retired annuitants still receive their CalPERS monthly pension and have work limitations on the work they provide. If you’re thinking about returning to work as a retired annuitant, be sure to carefully read our publication Employment After Retirement (PUB 33) (PDF).

Reinstating means you cancel your retirement benefit allowance. You resume active member status in CalPERS and begin to earn service credit toward a subsequent retirement.

Applying for Reinstatement

So what’s involved? To reinstate from service retirement, you’ll need a firm start or hire date from the employer and a completed Reinstatement From Service Retirement Application (PDF).

To reinstate from disability or industrial disability retirement, you also need a firm start or hire date from the employer, as well as some required disability forms, including a completed Reinstatement From Disability/Industrial Disability Retirement Application (PDF), and CalPERS must first approve the reinstatement before you can start working.

If you’re thinking about reinstating from service or disability retirement, be sure to carefully read our publication Reinstatement From Retirement (PUB 37) (PDF). It explains how a reinstatement can affect your subsequent retirement benefits, such as retiree health benefits and reciprocal retirement with another public pension system. It also explains how to estimate your future retirement allowance and how to avoid an overpayment of retirement allowance. It’s important to know that your future benefit could be lower than your current retirement benefit, or some of your benefits could change.

Be sure to consult with your prospective employer’s human resources or personnel office to determine your specific benefits as a retiree of that office or agency. Our staff are also available to answer questions at 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377).

This post was updated 3/30/21.