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Retirees: 2019 Board Election Approaching

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Attention CalPERS retired members! It is your turn to vote for your representative seat on the board of administration.

Check Your Mailbox for “Notice of Election”

The official Notice of Election was recently mailed to all eligible retired members advising them of this fall’s election details. The notice announces that your incumbent representative has declared he is a candidate for reelection. It also lays out all the dates for the election, including dates when nomination petitions are due, when ballots will be mailed, and the deadline for ballot submission.

Important Dates for Potential Candidates

May 16 is a key date for members interested in being a candidate for this board position. This is the date that nomination petitions, nomination acceptance/ballot designation forms, and candidate statements from eligible retired members are due by 5:00 p.m.

The next key date for potential candidates is June 3, which is the deadline for candidates to submit their candidate statement addenda.

A random drawing for the order that candidate names will appear on the ballot will be held June 4.

All necessary forms for members interested in pursuing candidacy for the board are available on the CalPERS Board Election webpage.

Key Dates for Upcoming Election

For retirees who will be voting, an important date to remember is August 30, which is when your ballot package will be mailed out to you. The ballot package will contain your ballot, your Candidate Statement Booklet, and a return envelope for those voting by mail. A PIN or personal identification number printed on your ballot will allow you to vote online or by phone. The Candidate Statement Booklet will provide you with detailed instructions on how to vote by any of the three voting methods.

Once your ballot arrives, you are free to vote at any time, but your completed ballot must be received by September 30. Ballots will be processed beginning October 1, with results announced later that week.

Candidate Forum

The Candidate Forum is your opportunity to hear from the candidates. It is scheduled for September 10 at 1:00 p.m. in the CalPERS Auditorium, 400 Q Street, Sacramento, CA 95811. You can attend or watch online. Remember, we must receive your voted ballot no later than September 30 to be counted.

Election Process

This year you can again vote by one of three convenient and secure methods—online, by phone, or by mail. These methods are legal and adhere to all applicable state laws and regulations.

Got Questions?

If you have not received your ballot package by September 6, please call the Customer Service Center at (855) 292-9956 to request a replacement ballot.

If you have questions about the board election process or need further assistance, email the CalPERS Board Election Office or call (800) 794-2297.