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Recognize Cybersecurity Awareness Month by Ensuring You’re Cyber Safe

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) and CalPERS, in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is helping raise awareness about online safety. CalPERS is proud to be a partner, champion, and coalition member of NCSAM, which is a federal effort between DHS and its public and private partners. These partners include universities, Fortune 500 companies, and multiple governing bodies.

As society becomes more connected, we must recognize our shared responsibility to make cyberspace a more secure environment for ourselves and future generations. Regardless if we use our personal or work devices, being mindful of social engineering, phishing, and privacy settings for all our online accounts is the best step to take. In addition to tip sheets and awareness, NCSAM has partnered with Habitu8 to provide videos to highlight multiple security topics.

Throughout the month of October, you’re encouraged to participate in this year’s three overarching themes: OWN IT. SECURE IT. PROTECT IT.

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Here are NCSAM tips from the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies:

OWN IT – Understand Your Digital Profile

Internet-based devices are present in every aspect of our lives: at home, school, work, and on the go. Constant connection provides opportunities for innovation and modernization, but also presents opportunities for potential cybersecurity threats that can compromise your most important personal information. Understand the devices and applications you use every day to help keep you and your information safe and secure.

SECURE IT – Secure Your Digital Profile

Cybercriminals are very good at getting personal information from unsuspecting victims, and the methods are getting more sophisticated as technology evolves. Protect against cyber threats by learning about security features available on the equipment and software you use. Apply additional layers of security to your devices—like multi-factor authentication—to better protect your personal information.

PROTECT IT – Maintain Your Digital Profile

Every click, share, send, and post you make creates a digital trail that can be exploited by cybercriminals. To protect yourself from becoming a cybercrime victim you must understand, secure, and maintain your digital profile. Be familiar with and routinely check privacy settings to help protect your privacy and limit cybercrimes.

Visit DHS’ website to become a friend of the campaign to use resources and spread the word about safety, privacy, and security on the internet. Additionally, DHS provides multiple resources to enable cybersecurity conversations in your community. Regardless of background, everyone in our communities would benefit from a collective, hands-on approach to online safety.

Learn More

There are plenty of cybersecurity resources outside of the month of October. The following resources outline what is available from DHS as well as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).