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PERS Select Members: The Value of a Primary Care Doctor

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April 7 is World Health Day. Do you know your healthcare options?

Some members choose a PPO plan because they want the freedom to see a specialist without a referral. For others, a PPO is their only choice of plan depending on where they live or work. Starting in 2019, the PERS Select Basic plan offers an exciting new kind of PPO flexibility, and you’re in the driver’s seat.

The new PERS Select value-based insurance design (VBID) aims to improve the quality while lowering the cost of care, by empowering choice. For example, by completing certain healthy activities, such as a flu shot, members may reduce their annual deductible.

Choosing your primary care doctor is an important benefit to the PERS Select program. Co-pays to visit your primary care doctor are now $10, and patients seeing a specialist or urgent care physician will cost a $35 co-pay.

Flexibility is one of the benefits of selecting a primary care doctor. Here are more reasons why it’s a valuable decision:

  1. Preventive care. A primary care doctor offers more preventive care, such a blood pressure and respiratory exams, which can reduce your risk of future health complications.
  2. Continuity of care. Your primary care doctor has a bigger picture of your medical history. This allows them to make smarter and safer decisions toward diagnosis and management of your chronic conditions.
  3. Saves time. If a health issue arises between visits, your primary care doctor can consult your medical records to offer treatment or advice, saving time.
  4. Builds trust. Consistent communication with your primary care doctor builds a strong relationship. Data shows if you have a good relationship and effective communication with your doctor, you are more satisfied with your care and better able to manage your medical conditions.

To select a primary care doctor for your PERS Select Basic plan, head to Anthem-CalPERS Medical Plans. You can learn more about your healthcare options on our Plans & Rates page.