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PERS Select Adopts Value-Based Insurance Design

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This is the ninth post in a series on “10 Things You Need to Know About CalPERS Health Open Enrollment.”

#9: PERS Select Basic will adopt a value-based insurance design (VBID).

VBID aims to improve the quality — while lowering the cost — of health care by empowering member choice. That means enhanced care, better wellness education programs, fewer unwarranted medical procedures, and accessible cost incentives.

  • Copayments for urgent care and specialist office visits will increase from $20 to $35, but copayments for primary care doctor visits will reduce to $10.
  • The PERS Select deductible will increase to $1,000 for individual or $2,000 for family.
  • Members may earn credits to reduce their annual deductible (up to $500 for individuals or up to $1,000 for families) by completing acts of preventive care, such as annual biometric screenings and nonsmoking certifications.

Next Steps

Compare the PERS Select Basic changes between 2018 and 2019, and review your Open Enrollment materials, specifically the Health Benefits Summary, for a detailed comparison of costs and benefits.

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