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New Year, New Laws for 2020

California State Capitol

The following California legislation will become law January 1.

Domestic Partnerships Expanded

Senate Bill 30 (Wiener) allows opposite sex adults to register with the Secretary of State as domestic partners. The new law eliminates the requirement that restricted domestic partnership registration to same sex couples and to opposite sex couples with at least one of the partners being age 62 or older. More information about how this affects health benefit enrollment may be found in this article.

Clarifying Existing Law for Disability Retirees Working After Retirement

Assembly Bill 672 (Cervantes) prohibits disability and industrial disability retirees from returning to a retired annuitant position similar to or closely resembling the position from which they retired for disability, or to a position that includes duties or activities they were restricted from performing at the time of their disability retirement. This simply clarifies existing law and supports existing business practices.

Divestment from Government of Turkey Investment Products

Assembly Bill 1320 (Nazarian) requires CalPERS and CalSTRS to liquidate investments and refrain from additional investments in investment vehicles owned or issued by the government of Turkey, if the United States government imposes sanctions on Turkey for failing to officially acknowledge its responsibility for the Armenian Genocide. Divestment is only required if the U.S. government imposes sanctions; it imposes reporting requirements if divestment is triggered.