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New Security Feature Coming to myCalPERS

Woman using smartphone with icon graphic cyber security network of connected devices and personal data information

We’re adding a security feature to myCalPERS that may make your next login a bit different.

Beginning next week, some registered users will see an extra step after entering their username and password. myCalPERS will ask where to send a verification to confirm the correct person is logging in.

A six-digit code will be provided via email, text message, or by phone call. You decide the delivery method.

You may have this feature on some of your other online accounts. It’s called Multifactor Authentication (MFA), an industry best practice that boosts account security.

The MFA feature will roll out in phases over the course of the year, so all users may not see the update right away.

So, don’t be alarmed if you notice a change the next time you sign in. We’re simply making myCalPERS security stronger than ever.

Learn more about MFA at Cybersecurity Best Practices.