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Meet the 2022 Spotlight on Excellence Award Recipient

Julian Bond, administrator for the CalVet Veterans Home of Ventura, was named this year’s Spotlight on Excellence award recipient during the 2022 CalPERS Educational Forum. A former Colonel in the U.S. Army, Bond was recognized for his dedication to ensuring that residents of the CalVet home lead active and fulfilling lives and for inspiring his colleagues.

Bond’s peers commended him for his dedication to the veteran community, passion for serving without fail, and decades of service as a decorated U.S. Army soldier. His colleagues refer to him as a “rockstar” and an example of what service looks like in the past, present, and future.

The Spotlight on Excellence award honors those who go above and beyond in their duties and elevates the importance of public sector work.

The peer-nominated award gives employees of CalPERS contracting agencies the opportunity to recognize the shining stars in their own agencies who provide exemplary service for their communities.

“Where Energy Flows, Attention Goes”

Since childhood, Bond has felt a sense of service toward his community. He supported others first as a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout, and then in the Army for 29 years. His role with CalVet continues that legacy. As an administrator, he is constantly committed to the day-to-day lives of the veterans he serves and encourages communication and openness in his work.

His motto “where energy flows, attention goes” has also reached the surrounding community. Through outreach efforts, the CalVet home has connected with the UC Master Gardeners, nearby military bases, and local volunteer organizations to support the elderly veteran population of Ventura. Bond is driven by his mission to ensure the nation’s heroes are treated like family.

“Here at CalVet, we make sure that every day is just another chapter in their life,” Bond said. “It’s truly where I, as a brother in arms, can serve my brothers and sisters who have served our nation.”

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Past recipients include a diverse group, such as the Human Resources Director for the City of Orange, a food services director for the City of Fontana, an outdoor field services supervisor for the San Bernardino Water Conservation District, and a library services director for El Dorado County. These are just a few examples of outstanding public service.

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