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Let’s Talk Social – July 2019

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In this social media age, the amount of information coming at us each day is nothing short of overwhelming. And we certainly can’t be expected to keep up with it all. With that in mind, to start each month we’ll share our top social media posts and tweets from the last month to keep you up to date. Here’s a look at what members like you found interesting on our social media channels in July.




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Last week the California Department of Veterans Affairs hosted the 2019 MRE Cooking Challenge at the @castatefair. Three teams of veterans and chefs from the Marines, Army, and National Guard faced off to see who could make the most delectable dish from MRE ration packs. Former Marines Michael Hedin (left) of CalPERS, and Chef Bryce Palmer (right) of @mulvaneys_sacramento teamed up to make shrimp and grits using their provided MRE, Beef Patty with Jalapeno cheese sauce. Their culinary creation won second place. Thanks to Michael, Bryce, and all of those in the armed forces for their service. @Mjhedin921 @usmarinecorps @usarmy @nationalguard #MRECookingChallenge #CAStateFair #California #Veteran #Veterans #Marines #Army #NationalGuard

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