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Key Takeaways from CalPERS’ New Strategic Plan

In July, we launched the 2022-27 CalPERS Strategic Plan (PDF). In simple terms, the Strategic Plan guides the work we do to serve those who serve California while adhering to our mission, vision, and core values.

Developing the plan is a two-year process of defining our strategies, objectives, and measures, while incorporating feedback from our stakeholders, business partners, and team members.

Strategic Plan Overview

Here’s a quick overview of the 2022-27 CalPERS Strategic Plan.

CalPERS Vision, Mission and Core Values chart. From right to left: Pension Sustainability, strengthen the long-term sustainability of the pension fund; Exceptional Health Care, ensure our members have access to equitable, high-quality, affordable health care; Stakeholder Engagement, promote collaboration, support, and transparency; Organizational Excellence, cultivate a diverse, risk-intelligent and innovative culture through our team and process; and Member Experience, ensure member satisfaction though accuracy, responsiveness, and respect.

Image: 2022-27 CalPERS Strategic Plan Strategy Map

“Our goals communicate what we want to accomplish over the long-term, and our objectives clarify how we will achieve these stated goals,” says Sabrina Hutchins, Division Chief over CalPERS’ Enterprise Strategic Planning Division.

The primary focus for our organization remain relatively unchanged.

Pensions and health care are CalPERS two major business areas, and exceptionally serving our members while delivering those benefits remains a top focus.

Our stakeholders — the cities, counties, public safety agencies, retiree groups, and others — also rely on our collaboration so they can continue providing the essential services to the communities they serve.

And we accomplish everything with an eye on promoting and cultivating an organization with the strongest team members and the most diverse depth of knowledge.

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Each goal in our Strategy Map is associated with the objectives and measures we use to track our progress.

Take a deeper dive by reading the 2022-27 Strategic Plan (PDF).