Health Benefits

How You’re Using the New PERS Select

Female doctor speaking with patient

Beginning in 2019, PERS Select adopted a value-based insurance design. The new plan empowers PERS Select members to engage in their health care decisions by, for example, selecting a primary care physician and participating in other preventive care.

PERS Select awards deductible credits for the following healthy activities:

  • Completing a biometric screening
  • Seeking disease management through ConditionCare
  • Getting a flu shot
  • Seeking a second opinion
  • Obtaining a smoking cessation certificate on completion

This table summarizes the second-quarter results and compares the second quarter deductible credits to the first quarter of 2019.

Deductible Credits Credits Received Percentage of Members
Q1 Q2 Q1 Q2
Biometric Screening 28,000 52,164 39% 69%
ConditionCare Certification 68,000 69,062 94% 92%
Flu Shot 38,500 38,939 53% 52%
Virtual Second Opinion 70,000 71,266 97% 95%
Smoking Cessation 48,500 52,898 67% 70%
Total (approximate) 253,000 284,329 Q1 Membership: 73,087 Q2 Membership: 75,205

The benefits of PERS Select include enhanced coordination of care to PPO plan members, particularly in counties without an HMO plan available; prevention engagement; potential to improve healthy habits to help prevent and detect diseases; and adherence to evidence-based medical and pharmacy practices, which have the potential to improve health outcomes. The strategies are consistent with “Healthier U” and the “Let’s Get Healthy California” Triple Aim for Better Health, Better Care, and Lower Costs.

To learn more about PERS Select and our other CalPERS health plans, visit Plans & Rates.