Health Benefits

How CalPERS Sets Health Rates

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Every June the CalPERS Board approves new health rates, also known as premiums, for the following calendar year. This decision follows months of negotiations with our health plan partners, including methodical data and utilization trend comparisons.

Our goal is to achieve high quality, affordable health care for our 1.5 million members.

You still might have some questions, though:

  • How does CalPERS set these health rates?
  • What’s the precise timeline of the rates development process?
  • What goes into a health rate?
  • How does CalPERS evaluate what plans to include?

We’re here to answer those questions. For a full explanation of how CalPERS arrives at its health rates each year, check out our website.

And don’t forget to prepare for Open Enrollment (September 9 – October 4, 2019), when you can change health plans, add or delete dependents, and more. Health plan changes go into effect January 1, 2020.