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This is the second in a series on “10 Things You Need to Know About CalPERS Health Open Enrollment.”

#2: CalPERS Members Will See the Lowest Overall Health Premium Increase in 21 Years

CalPERS negotiated its lowest overall health premium increase in 21 years, at an average 1.16 percent. Several health plans will see an average premium decrease in 2019, representing out-of-pocket savings for many CalPERS members. Overall rates for seven HMO plans will be less than the 2018 rates. About 800,000 CalPERS HMO Basic members (excluding those in association plans) are expected to see their premiums decline in 2019, if they remain with their current plans.

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To view your 2019 premium rate or compare rates based on your eligibility ZIP code, log in to your my|CalPERS account and use the Find a Medical Plan Tool, or visit on your mobile device.

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