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Customer Service Week: Insights from the Investment Office

The first full week of October is National Customer Service Week, which celebrates the dedicated customer service professionals across the country.

Here at CalPERS, we’re focused on serving our members and their beneficiaries.

As the nation’s largest public pension fund, with investments in both domestic and international markets, our investment office is a critical part of our members’ retirement benefits.

We asked three of our investment managers to weigh in on what they do, and why they serve.

“Providing for retirement security of others is something that’s a tremendous responsibility,” said Justin Scripps.

“And our job is to basically go out there and execute those trades, as efficiently and cost effectively as we can,” Brian Leu added.

“Our investment office is a really critical part of our retirement benefits because 59 cents of every pension dollar comes from investments,” Dianne Sandoval noted.

For both Sandoval and Scripps, seeing the impact of our dedication to customer service fuels their drive to make a difference.

“What makes CalPERS special is that people are genuinely committed to the mission of serving those that serve California,” Sandoval said. “My husband’s a teacher and my brother-in-law’s a CHP officer. And I think if you go around the office, you hear a lot of stories of people that are personally connected to our members and to what we’re doing. When you go home, you have a real sense of, I did something for someone today, and I’m helping provide them real tangible security in terms of the retirement benefits.”

“My wife’s grandmother continued to collect her CalPERS pension check until her death a few months ago at 92 years old,” Scripps said. “My own grandmother was a teacher and collected her check from CalSTRS until one month shy of her 106th birthday. Knowing that the work I do is helping people to live those years beyond retirement is tremendously rewarding.”

Leu echoes his colleagues’ sentiments.

“What really drives me, I think, to do my best at CalPERS is we believe in the CalPERS mission,” said Leu. “Our funded ratio and how we’re doing versus the promises we’ve made to beneficiaries always comes up. It’s always restated as our most important mission, and we take that very seriously.”