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CalPERS’ Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

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CalPERS diversity and inclusion practices play an important role in our commitment to deliver the promised health and pension benefits our members have earned.

We’re in the people business at CalPERS. At the center of all we do are the 2 million members we serve. They earned their retirement and health benefits and it’s our job to ensure those benefits will be there for generations to come. Our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) practices play an important role in delivering on that commitment.

Research shows that D&I efforts pay off – they’re proven to increase productivity, creativity, and innovation while contributing to a culture of trust, respect, and accountability.

It is that inclusive culture that fosters an engaged, high-performing team at CalPERS that can achieve the goals vital to serving our members.

Our D&I efforts don’t stop with our internal team. Externally, they help the performance of the fund as we advocate for policies that drive success with the 11,000 companies we invest with across the globe. The more they succeed, the stronger our fund becomes. There’s one more way that D&I efforts enhance the work we do: they have a positive impact on nonprofit communities throughout California through the work of CalPERS’ volunteers.

In the annual Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion Report, we let the data tell our D&I story by focusing on who we are, our company culture, and how it impacts the communities we serve. It’s not a story of overnight success. It has taken time and a series of foundation-building steps to get where we are today.

While the story continues to unfold, one thing will stay the same: D&I will remain an integral part of our long-term business strategy to meet members’ needs.