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CalPERS’ 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos

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Our CalPERS YouTube channel features the latest information related to your health and retirement benefits and so much moreThere are over 500 featured videos and 38 curated playlists.

Here’s a list of CalPERS’ 10 most popular YouTube videos:

1. Your CalPERS Pension

This short, two-minute video helps you understand and plan for your retirement by introducing you to your CalPERS pension. After watching this video, you’ll understand what your CalPERS pension is and how it’s funded and calculated.

2. Your Retirement Calculation

This 18-minute webinar covers how your pension is calculated and how you can calculate your estimated retirement benefit on your own. It also explains the three factors used to calculate your pension: service credit, benefit factor, and final compensation.

3. Planning Your Financial Future

This short clip introduces you to the Planning Your Financial Future series. The series helps ensure you’re prepared for retirement.

4. Social Security

This short, two-minute video helps you understand and plan for retirement by introducing you to Social Security. After watching this video, you’ll understand what Social Security is and when you can start utilizing it.

5. Retirement Planning Checklist

This 17-minute webinar covers a checklist of items you should complete in the year leading up to your retirement. It also mentions what to do when you’ve retired, provides tools and resources, and shares how to contact us.

6. Quick Tip: Retirement Estimate Calculator

This quick video shows you how to utilize the Retirement Estimate Calculator, which can be accessed in myCalPERS.

7. Quick Tip: Retirement Calculation Factors

This quick video explains the three retirement calculation factors and how they’re used to calculate your CalPERS pension.

8. Quick Tip: Special Power of Attorney

This quick video explains what a special power of attorney is and why it’s different from other forms of power of attorney.

9. What Is a CBEE?

This three-minute video explains what a CalPERS Benefits Education Event (CBEE) is and what to expect when you attend.

10. Quick Tip: Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA)

This quick video explains what the COLA is, how it affects your pension, and how your COLA amount is calculated.

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