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Board Elects New Committee Leaders

The CalPERS Board elected new committee leadership at its February 2022 meeting. We look forward to working with our new or renewed committee leaders over the next year.

New Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs

The Board elected the chairs and vice chairs of four key committees during February’s board meeting:

  • Finance & Administration Committee: Lisa Middleton, Chair; David Miller, Vice Chair
  • Risk & Audit Committee: Lisa Middleton, Chair; David Miller, Vice Chair
  • Performance, Compensation & Talent Management Committee: Rob Feckner, Chair; Eraina Ortega, Vice Chair
  • Investment Committee: David Miller, Chair; Rob Feckner, Vice Chair

Committee chairs and vice chairs for the Board Governance Committee and the Pension & Health Benefits Committee, respectively, will be named at the March board meeting. This article will be updated at that time.

New Board President and Vice President

At January’s meeting, board members voted in their 2022 president and vice president:

Theresa Taylor, who represents state members, was elected president. She has been a board member since 2015 and is serving her second term.

Rob Feckner, who represents school members, was elected vice president. He has been a board member since 1999 and is serving his sixth term.