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America Saves Week 2023

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America Saves Week is an annual campaign to encourage Americans to commit to savings. This year’s theme was “A Financially Confident You.” America Saves defines financial confidence as:

The intersection of building a savings habit, knowing what resources you have available to support your financial stability, and taking advantage of those resources as needed.

We’ve gathered our top tweets to help you get started, no matter where you are on your savings journey.

Monday – Save Automatically

Reaching your retirement goals can be much easier when your money is managed well. By making your savings automatic, you’re paying yourself first. The Spending and Saving Tool from America Saves can help you budget for your goals.

Tuesday – Save for the Unexpected

Sometimes it’s easier to start saving by committing to saving $50 a month for six months. As you feel more comfortable or earn more, you can increase the amount of money. And you don’t need to feel shame when you take money out of your savings account. That’s what it’s there for! America Saves provides 54 ways to save money.

Wednesday – Saving for Major Milestones

What do homes, education, and retirement all have in common? They’re major life milestones that require advanced planning and saving large amounts of money. Discover six ways to save!

A 457 plan is a voluntary retirement savings plan that can help you defer a portion of your paycheck to accumulate additional money for retirement. Find out if this option is right for you.

Thursday – Paying Down Debt Is Saving

As you pay off your debt, you’re freeing up money. Direct those funds toward saving for something else that’s important to you—like retirement! Explore strategies to pay down debt from America Saves.

Friday – Saving at Any Age

Saving is a habit, not a destination. And this habit can be formed at any age. Whether you’re a parent trying to instill this habit in your children or want to change your own saving behaviors, there are strategies that savers of all ages can develop.

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