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5 Ways You Can Give Back to Your Community

At CalPERS we like to give back to our local communities. Throughout the year team members volunteer in support of a variety of causes, led by our diversity groups or on an individual basis. Here are a few of the causes we support and ways you can give back.

Canine Companions

If you have been to our headquarters in Sacramento, you might have seen a dog or two on campus. They are future service dogs from Canine Companions. These dogs are raised by CalPERS employees who are volunteer puppy raisers. Each puppy raiser cares for a dog for one and a half years, providing obedience training and socialization before returning the dog back to Canine Companions for professional training.

The highly trained dogs who graduate from the program are then provided to adults and children with disabilities, veterans with PTSD, as well as professionals working in healthcare, criminal justice, and educational settings. To learn how to become a volunteer puppy raiser, visit Canine Companions.

Socks for Seniors

Socks for Seniors is an annual donation drive in December for the residents of a senior living community located near our headquarters in Sacramento. With the donations collected, team members assemble 100 gift bags filled with socks, lotion, body wash, tissues, and lip balm. To make the gifts more special, each gift bag includes a handwritten holiday card.

Women’s Empowerment

We have ongoing donation drives to collect clothing for homeless men and women in our community. This year we collected 400 lbs. of clothing for Women’s Empowerment. This organization educates and empowers women experiencing homelessness, helping them re-establish their lives and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Are you looking for ways to give back?

  • Search for organizations in your area. A basic Google search can net a wide variety of groups looking for volunteers. You can visit California Volunteers to find a volunteer center near you. AmeriCorps Seniors provides opportunities for volunteers 55 and older to address critical needs in their communities.
  • Volunteer at a food bank. Food banks are in great need of volunteers to help pack and sort food. They are taking precautions to prioritize volunteer safety. Visit California Association of Food Banks for more information.
  • Ask around. Your friends and family might know of opportunities that exist that are not advertised online. Maybe a local group needs help with a school garden, or an elderly neighbor could use someone to take them grocery shopping?
  • Donate blood. Blood donation has decreased dramatically. Healthy, eligible donors are urged to donate. Visit the American Red Cross to find a drive near you.
  • Think strategically. Reach out to organizations who would benefit from your expertise. LinkedIn can be a great way to match your skills to a need. In addition to the joy of giving back, the experience can add to your resume.