Health Benefits

2023 Health Plan Summary of Benefits and Evidence of Coverage Notices Available Online

Choosing a health plan that fits the needs of you and your family is an important decision. To assist you with this process, the health plans produce their Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) publications each year.

The SBC describes what the plan pays for and what you pay for. It’s a snapshot of the plan’s costs, benefits, covered services, cost sharing, and other important features in consistent and easy-to-understand terms.

The EOC booklets provide the terms and conditions of coverage for each plan including services covered, as well as the limitations and exclusions that apply to the plan.

Together, these publications provide important information to help you better understand your health benefit coverage and more easily compare health plan options.

To view the SBCs and EOCs online, visit the CalPERS website or any of the health plan websites below. To request a free paper copy of the SBC, please contact each health plan directly.

Anthem Blue Cross HMO 
(855) 839-4524  

Anthem Blue Cross EPO 
(877) 737-7776  

Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Preferred
(855) 251-8825  

Blue Shield of California HMO & EPO
(800) 334-5847 

Blue Shield of California Medicare
(888) 802-4599 

California Association of Highway Patrolmen*
(800) 759-5758  

California Correctional Peace Officers Association HMO*
(800) 257-6213 

California Correctional Peace Officers Association Medicare*
(800) 776-4466 

Health Net of California
(888) 926-4921  

Kaiser Permanente
(800) 305-1220  

Peace Officers Research Association of California*
(800) 655-6397 

PERS Gold & PERS Platinum PPO
(877) 737-7776  

Sharp Health Plan HMO
(855) 995-5004  

Sharp Health Plan Medicare
(855) 346-4322  

UnitedHealthcare HMO
(877) 359-3714  

UnitedHealthcare Medicare
(888) 867-5581  

Western Health Advantage 
(888) 942-7377 

*To enroll in these health plans, you must belong to the specific employee association and pay applicable dues.