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2019 Health Open Enrollment Starts September 9 and Ends October 4

What to know ahead of CalPERS health Open Enrollment 2019.

CalPERS Health Premiums for 2020

The CalPERS Board of Administration in June approved the health plan rates for 2020, at an overall average premium increase of 4.65 percent.

Here are the average premium increases by health plan type (excludes association plans):

  • Members enrolled in CalPERS’ Basic (non-Medicare) Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) health plans will see a 5.98 percent average premium increase.
  • Members enrolled in Basic Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans will see an overall average increase of 3.28 percent.
  • CalPERS Medicare plan enrollees will see their premiums increase by an average 1.52 percent.

The following chart represents the percentage premium change for each health plan, between 2019 and 2020. Note this reflects only the state, Basic premiums.

Plan Name Premium Change
Anthem HMO Select +6.04%
Anthem HMO Traditional +7.86%
Blue Shield Access+ +13.91%
Blue Shield Trio New plan, no change
Health Net Salud y Más +7.07%
Health Net SmartCare +18.15%
Kaiser Permanente +3.06%
PERS Choice +2.91%
PERS Select +0.00%
PERSCare +6.45%
Sharp +2.08%
United Healthcare +4.48%
Western Health Advantage +3.56%

We encourage you to visit the Plans & Rates section of our website to see the 2020 premiums for all health plans.

Health care costs are rising due to a number of factors, including increases in hospital admissions, outpatient surgical procedures, and pharmacy costs. CalPERS uses innovation to keep costs low while upholding quality health care.

Notable Health Plan Changes

  • Blue Shield will introduce a new, narrow-network health plan called Trio for the following six counties: El Dorado, Los Angeles, Nevada, Placer, Sacramento, and Yolo.
  • Anthem will introduce a new Medicare and combination plan for Monterey County.

There are no co-pay, benefit, or co-insurance changes for 2020, with the exception of association plans, which are not controlled by CalPERS.

This is adapted from the Fall PERSpective Open Enrollment article. Most of this information was reported in the June news release, which we wrote about and linked to here.